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Vaidehi Dongre, Winner Of Miss India USA 2021 talks about her success, dedicates the success to her parents

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The Winner Of Miss India USA 2021, is 25-year-old Vaidehi Dongre, from Michigan. Vaidehi Dongre is a graduate of the University of Michigan and at present working as a Business Development Manager.

She was born in India and raised in the US, and she was “honored and humbled” to represent Indian immigrants living in the US as the new Miss India USA.

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Vaidehi Dongre shares her experience and talks about her aims in her Instagram post

As she posted on Instagram, “This journey has been a whirlwind but at the root of it, I have always strived to be a role model for young girls, celebrate my rich South Asian heritage and leave a lasting positive impact on my community,” while sharing a few snippets from the crowning ceremony and after.

Vaidehi Dongre

In her post, she also thanked the pageant producers IFC and Dharmatma and Neelam Saran, founders of the beauty pageant, for providing young women of South Asian origin with a platform to make an impact.

She also shared a note of thanks for her directors, her teachers, the other participants of the pageant.

Acknowledgement towards her parent’s efforts, admires their encouragement and support towards her life

She appreciated her parents for helping her to stay in touch with her roots and wrote: “Making sure that I learned the roots of where I come from: Marathi, Hindi, reading and writing, mythology, culture, food, love, spirituality, all whilst living in the US was no easy feat, thank you.

Vaidehi Dongre

And further wrote, “Aai and Baba- the values you inculcated in me and Vineet at such a young age have given me strength in times of hardship and light in times of darkness.”

Vaidehi Dongre

Also, in an earlier Instagram post, she had spoken about straddling the line between Indian and American culture. “This one is for my Aai (mom),” she wrote in the post by asking people to send her good wishes for the pageant.

As of now, Ms. Dongre is preparing to take part in the Miss India Worldwide pageant. The winner of Miss India USA is the only delegate from the USA at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant, which is also organized by the IFC.

Along with her, Arshi Lalani from Georgia was declared the first runner-up. Mira Kasari, from North Carolina, was the second runner-up in the beauty pageant.

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