Monday, November 29, 2021

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Adorable! Video of baby listening to mother’s beautiful song wins many hearts

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A beautiful song can make many people smile, but this baby’s cute response to her mother’s singing shows what a strong connection a mother and child share.

The baby is smiling and listening carefully while her mom sings a song. 

Watch the video here:

Video goes viral for the right reasons

In the 38-second clip, a woman is seen carrying her baby in her arms. She sings a beautiful song, and the baby keeps listening while expressing sheer joy and happiness. The child rested her face on her hands and listened to her mother with a delightful smile.

The short clip was posted on Twitter by Buitengebieden and it has already gone viral with over 2 lakh views so far. The caption of the post reads “Sweet baby listening carefully to mom’s song”.

Netizens starts crushing over the video

Netizens can’t get enough of this video and they have commented on their feelings. One user wrote, “Oh…how beautiful is this. What a gorgeous little sweetheart mesmerized by his Mum”.

Another said, ” Thank you. That is more than just beautiful. Viewing it causes a flashback to more than thirty years with my daughter”.

Singing is good for both baby and mother: Study


A study presented at the 25th annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society found that lullabies not only comfort both mama and baby, but they can also prosper an infant’s cognitive development. It also encourages children to self-regulate. And help mothers with postnatal depression and benefit babies with Down’s Syndrome. Particularly, these songs can increase a little one’s attention and display positive emotion toward their mothers.

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