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Watch: Video shows dramatic arrest Of UP’s former senior police officer who challenged CM Yogi

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A former senior Uttar Pradesh police officer was dramatically arrested today in Lucknow for a situation of prompting to suicide not long after concocting the name of his proposed ideological group, which he pronounced will challenge the 2022 State Assembly decision. 

Forcibly retired by the Union’s Home Office in March this year for “non-performance”, the IPS officer Amitabh Thakur was pushed in a departmental jeep to his home in the state capital even as he dissented and opposed his arrest– all in broad daylight.

Actions have been captured in a video

UP police mentioned in a statement that evidence found during a preliminary investigation implicated Mr. Thakur. The police action was captured in a video recording which started a lot of shocks. “I won’t go unless you show me an FIR,” Mr. Thakur was heard to say in the video.


Thakur had effectively been suspended from his functions in July 2015 under the Akhilesh Yadav government of the Samajwadi Party. A couple of days earlier, he had accused former chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav of threatening him.

However, his suspension was suspended in April 2016, and he was reinstated.

24-year-old woman committed suicide, died in Delhi named Mr. Thakur among others

The former officer was recently among many senior police officials and politicians named by a 24-year-old woman who died in a Delhi hospital on Tuesday after a suicide endeavor, alongside her male companion, at the gates of the Supreme Court on August 16.

In 2019, she filed a complaint with the police against a BSP parliamentarian from UP Atul Rai, accusing him of having raped her. 

In a live Facebook video that she and her male friend made before setting themselves on fire, she also named officials, including Mr. Thakur. The latter reportedly agreed with the family of the deputy for Ghosi over the harassment in the police matter.

”Not been deemed fit to be retained for the remainder of his term”: Union Home office

In March of this current year, the Union’s Home Office requested the untimely retirement of Thakur, saying he had “not been deemed fit to be retained for the remainder of his term.” Officer of Uttar Pradesh, he would have retired in 2028.

Following this, his wife, RTI activist Nutan Thakur, said earlier this month that he would go against Mr. Adityanath in the upcoming national elections. The former officer himself mentioned it on social media.

“Adityanath has taken many undemocratic, inappropriate, repressive, harassing and discriminatory actions during his tenure as Chief Minister. Therefore, Amitabh will challenge the election against Adityanath regardless of where he runs,” Ms. Thakur said, according to a report from the PTI.

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