Video of Pandas playing on a slide goes viral; Watch the heart-warming adorable video

Four pandas enjoying their time while sliding in a park go viral on social media.

Positive side of twitter


An adorable video of pandas surfaces on social media and it is easily the cutest thing on the internet today. Buitengebieden, a social media account that shows the “positive side of Twitter,” posted the 30-second clip and it has gone viral with around 50,000 views already.

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panda 1 video The North-Eastern Chronicle

In the video, four pandas made the most of their time as they played on a slide in a park. They tried climbing up the slide as well and played with each other. Turn by turn, each of them played on the slide and had great fun.

Their keeper was also spotted in the video.

“Panda slide,” reads the caption of the post.

Netizens’ reaction over the adorable post

Accordingly, the video has collected around 5,000 likes and several retweets. Social media users gushed over the pandas in the comments section of the post.

“God was in a good mood when he made pandas,” a user said. Another comment reads, “I love pandas!”



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