A village watchman in Madhya Pradesh rescued the life of a lady who was thrown into a well by her husband and in-laws. The incident took place in Sagoria village under Mrigwas police station on Monday, July 12.

Amidst a prevailing old custom prevailing in Guna, Rajgarh, and villages adjoining Rajasthan, called ‘Jhagda Pratha’, whenever there is a dispute between husband and wife, the family sells the woman to other people. Accordingly, a youth in Sagoria village agreed to sell his wife for Rs 50,000 with the consent of his family members. As the husband accepted Rs 50,000 from the buyers, he asked his wife to go with the buyers, but she refused.

Then, the husband and her in-laws quarreled with her on this and threw her into the well. Fortunately, the village watchman arrived and rescued the woman with help from other villagers.

When her father Narayan Gurjar came to know about the incident, he brought police and after seeing the police, the buyers ran away. Police station in-charge CP Dixit said the woman’s application has been taken and investigation is underway.


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