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“We will need cooperation from the Chinese side”: WHO chief amid renewed calls for probe into origin of virus

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Ever since the Covid pandemic began, China has been known to be obstructing the investigation of its origin. On Saturday, in a meeting of the G7 summit over video conference, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Ghebreyesus called upon China to cooperate with the ongoing probe into the origin of Covid-19 amid renewed calls for further investigation.

“As you know, we will need cooperation from the Chinese side,” he said. “We need transparency to understand or know or find the origin of this virus… after the report was released, there were difficulties in data sharing, especially with raw data.”

The statement comes after American President Joe Biden has also directed a fresh US intelligence examination into the origin of the pandemic. Earlier this week, the US and the UK had extended support to a “timely, transparent and evidence-based independent process” for the next phase of the WHO-convened study of Covid-19 origins.

“We will also support a timely, transparent and evidence-based independent process for the next phase of the WHO-convened Covid-19 origins study, including in China, and for investigating outbreaks of unknown origin in the future,” a joint statement said after US President Joe Biden met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday.

On the other hand, 60 drones have been stationed in Guangzhou’s southern Chinese city to keep people indoors and remind those going out to wear masks. Six new cases were recorded in the province over the previous 24 hours, increasing the number in the outbreak to more than 100.

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