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Wedding hacks? Bride and groom ask guests to clean dishes as their extravagant wedding went over budget

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The story of a wedding that blew up of proportion due to too much splurging on extravagant foods, venues, etc., has been making rounds on the internet. The bride and groom had gone all out while choosing a ‘gorgeous and expensive’ venue. However, this blew way past their budget and what happened afterwards is completely absurd. The guests were asks to clean the dishes as the bride and groom had called ‘self-catering.’

A woman who was a guest at that particular wedding wrote on Reddit that she was shocked to find out that she and nine other guests had to clean the dishes after the bride and groom had failed to hire anyone for that task. However, the wedding took place in a top-of-the-line venue with a beautiful ceremony and lovely pictures. Buffet lines and tables had been set up on the screened porch of the building.

She also said her boyfriend had to come back with an empty plate as he was told that that was no more food. When asked the bride’s mother, she replied with the following, “They wanted a certain ‘opulence’ so they purchased a top of line ingredients (good cuts of meat, artisan breads and cheeses, etc). which meant they ended up with only enough to feed about 3/4 of the guests. The rest went hungry.”

However, the worst was yet to come. After that, some guests were asked to clean the dishes as the bride and groom expensed all their money on the venue and the bride’s beautiful couture gown, for which they decided to ‘self-cater.’ After dinner, the maid of honour went among the guests and asked them to come to the kitchen with no AC and very high temperature. There the guests were asked to clean the piles of dirty dishes.

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