Monday, October 18, 2021

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This weird food combination will blow your mind; pictures goes viral

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Weird food recipes are something that still has a special place on the Internet even though most of us wouldn’t be surprised anymore if we see someone making Maggie with a milkshake since most of us already have encountered dishes like Pasta Dosa, Oreo Maggi and even Kurkure Milkshake. Adding to those dishes, now we will come to know about one more weird food item that was shared on the internet by a Twitter account called Gabbbar. It was a picture of Maggie which was made with milkshakes. 

Viral Gabbbar on Twitter

A picture of Maggie made with milkshake has been shared by Twitter user Gabbbar which grabbed the attention of tweeple immediately. With some hilarious reactions the post gained 4,639 likes and 387 people have retweeted the picture of that weird food item.The post includes a dish showing Maggie dipped in a glass filled with milkshake, garnished with green vegetables. The dish has now sparked mixed reactions.

About the post

“I looked at this delicacy. Then I sat down for 2 mins. Thinking about human evolution & our future as a species.”, Caption read of the post.

Take a look at the post:

Shared on September 11, the post has garnered above 240 reactions. The weird concoction made twitter users share varied comments. While a few expressed their horror, some found it to be questionable and some had their own weird recipes with polar opposite ingredients in the comment section.

Replies from Twitter users

“Yahi sab dekh kar nature ka itna phat gaya hai ki climate change kar ke duniya khatm kar dena chah raha hai,”someone wrote in the comments section

” Had to rush to reconfirm meaning of “ delicacy “ google says 

something pleasing to eat that is considered rare or luxurious considered caviar a delicacy. 

From which god forsaken angle does this stuff even come near to that definition 

Oxymoron” , another user wrote. 

”In those 2 mins, when u sat down, they must have made another set of this delicacy and served to human.. as it takes 2 mins only to make 😁😁 people started believing that they don’t have time to cook and eat good meal is going to take us nowhere.. 😊 god bless us🙏🏻” , said sachin Mankad, a Twitter user. 

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