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What do you miss about college life? Here’s 5 things which will make you nostalgic


Article by: Sroweta Kar, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Rahul Haloi

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When we think of college during our school days it feels like the pinnacle we need to reach. When we are in college we think of our future and graduating. We are so engaged in making our future we often miss or let go of things that we feel are normal or don’t matter.

After graduating those are the things which we miss the most. And want to go back to those days of college where everything was beautiful making nostalgic. And because of the pandemic things are off track and students are attending classes and are appearing in exams sitting at home. They miss college and some may have not experienced anything.

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Here are 5 things which you’ll miss about college life:

Mass bunk


The best part of being in college was to bunk our classes. It is a thing I guess every student lives for. In college, ‘Aap khud ke Malik ho’, no one will question you for not attending a lecture or multiple lectures. One and two students bunking class is normal. But there is another concept for bunking a class or it’s like students are canceling the class. This is known as “mass bunk”.

Some students are always in the mood to bunk the class. They will give different reasons to other students for not attending the class and will somehow convince them. After bunking the class, if the teacher sees you, you walk fast without noticing anything.

College fest


Every student studying in the college or has passed out knows the importance of college fest. It is like a festival for students. Different types of extracurricular activities include sports, cultural programs, stalls, and many more something different from their normal college days.

The duration of the fest differs from college to college. Some may be for a week or a month. Students start their practice two three months before the fest, and during that time they spend time with friends. Every day there are different programs and deciding what to wear and where to go after the fest to eat is a very important discussion.

The main highlight of the college fest is the last day or ‘the cultural night’. A famous singer is invited and the college ground turns into a dance floor. Teachers, students are enjoy together and the fest is ended on a happy note.

Student discounts

The perk of being a student is of course the student discounts which we get. Limited pocket money but ample of things to do. Going to movies with friends, eating in eateries with friends, discovering new spots to chill. All these need money. So, many movie halls, eateries have student discounts.

If you show them your ID, they will provide you with 5 -10 % discounts or more depending on the place. After graduating, this is one thing all miss for sure.

Last-minute exam preparations

Exams were extremely difficult. Thinking about it gave chills to everyone. The whole year was spent in bunking classes, and later appearing in exams was an extreme thing to do. We never used to study for that, there was always a last-minute preparation which saved us.

Calling friends before the exams for notes, doing group study over the phone was a thing which all did. In the exam knowing the syllabus was not important but the seating arrangements were. No one wants to sit on the first three benches. The last benches had higher chances for cheating and answer discussion.

Staying in hostels


Away from home, coming to another home where at first everyone is unfamiliar but later your whole college life revolves around them. Sneaking out for eating late at night, celebrating every festival with them, going on trips with them.

People who have not lived in a hostel will never understand the feeling when we leave them. Missing those people, doing anything you want. The most important is the bond you make staying there. All from different cultures, backgrounds learning from one another, helping each other, wearing each other’s clothes, blackmailing to do something to keep out the secrets from the warden. These days are equal to gold.

Let’s see what some of the passed out students and students in college in pandemic miss the most,

A user said, ‘ I miss the ‘College adda’ with a cup of tea in hand and that samosa of the canteen, that was our ultimate bunking spot.’

‘The fear of proxy for friend, and thinking about getting caught.’

‘Preparing for freshers for the new students, making games, listing, the fun with the friends.’

‘The last minute exam preparation.’

‘The bond of friendship to do anything for one another, if getting scolded will get together.’

I have listed some of the things which you will miss and there are many. College days cannot be compared to any time of our lives. It is the golden time for yourself, with friends, and with the right people around.

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