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What happens during a Cesarean and Normal Delivery? Read To Know the difference and different stages Of Pregnancy

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To start with and to know about what is delivery all about, let’s first know the actual difference between cesarean and normal delivery. What is it actually and what unique features make it different.

So basically, a cesarean is also known as C- section is the surgical method of giving birth and is performed under high medical treatment. It is a safe procedure but needs acute awareness of doctors.

While on the other hand, normal delivery, is the natural way of giving birth and is being followed since the very start of living. It doesn’t include any kind of surgical treatment and is more than safe.

Both the mother and child are at lower stage of risk when delivered under normal conditions.

What happens during a cesarean delivery and what are the stages of it?

When vaginal delivery is not recommended by doctors, then a c-section is performed. It is normal in today’s world, but still, there might be some risks related to it.

There might be many medical reasons why a doctor would suggest cesarean delivery. Firstly, it could be because of the failure of labour, cord compression- where the umbilical cord is looped around the baby’s neck or body.

Prolapsed cordz- where the umbilical cords come out before the baby. Abruptio placentae- here the placenta gets separated from the uterus before the birth of the baby. Fetal distress- at the time of labour, the baby can or might develop some problems.

The typical cesarean delivery usually takes 45 minutes, now let’s talk about the stages of how it is done. The procedure all starts with giving anesthesia to the mother so that the delivery can be carried out smoothly.

The abdomen is then smoothly sterilized with antiseptic to lower the risk of infections or problems. Then in order to make up to the oxygen level of both the mother and child, an oxygen mask is provided.

These are some of the basic and must procedures that should be followed carefully in the very first stage and along with more technical things the delivery is completed through the c- section.

Normal delivery and why has it been followed since the very beginning?

It is said that the most effective way of delivering a baby is by the normal method. It is in practice since the very start and still is found the best way by many. The natural bacteria and microbes of the vagina transferred from mother to child boost the baby’s immune system, readying it for life outside the protected womb.

The labour has however three stages: The first stage is when the neck of the womb (cervix) opens to 10cm dilated. The second stage is when the baby moves down through the vagina and is born. The third stage is when the placenta is delivered, which is the afterbirth.

The three stages of pregnancy

In three stages we can talk about the stages of pregnancy.

The trimester-

It is between the week 1 and 12 of pregnancy. In this stage a women can know about being pregnant or not. Ovulation ceases fertilization starts. The mother can then, a woman some vita hormonal changes, and also it includes some early signsfertilization such as Extreme fatigue, tenderness, swollen breasts, morning sickness, cravings or aversion to certain foods, mood swings and many more.The baby slowly and gradually develops in stages and the pregnant women can see a difference in, themselves.

The second trimester-

The second trimester starts from week 13 and continues till week 28. The baby bump starts to show and by the end of the second trimester, the mother can even feel the baby moving. The skin of the baby forms and slowly the development takes place. Some of the changes that can follow up in this stage are back, abdomen, groin, or thigh aches and pains, stretch marks on your abdomen, breasts, thighs, or buttocks, darkening of the skin around your nipples and many more.

The third trimester-

The third trimester is the final stage of pregnancy and it begins from week 29 to week 40, I.e, till the birth of the baby. The baby grows and puts pressure on the mother’s internal organs, which sometimes can lead to difficulty in breathing. But nothing is to be worried about, as after the delivery everything comes to normal. This stage however includes more physical changes and difficulty in sleeping

Thus, in the end it is completely upto the mother and the doctor in deciding in which way they want the baby to be delivered. Ult, ultimately everything is to be best if the mother and the baby both will be safe and sound.


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