Unlike Snapchat, which alerts people when someone is trying to take screenshots of the person’s photos or videos, the WhatsApp feature will not notify users if the recipient has done so. But WhatsApp is now working to get one Snapchat-like feature for iOS or iPhone users.

The new feature is all about the ‘view once’ criteria of photos or videos feature. This new feature will allow users to send photos and videos that will disappear after the recipient has viewed it once and the person will also get a notification on the very moment when the recipient has seen the message with a notification ‘opened’.

The other details of the media can be accessed in the ‘message information’ section. As per a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is finally offering this to iOS beta users with the new app version- Also, WhatsApp might soon allow users to send high-quality pictures, as we all know whenever a good-quality image is shared through WhatsApp its quality deteriorates. Users soon will get the opportunity to select the best quality of picture they desire to share. There will be three options- auto, best quality, and data saver.

For now, it is unknown when the feature will be released publicly. But as WhatsApp doesn’t prevent or alert users from taking screenshots, it also doesn’t provide any notification for so. So whichever social media platforms a person is using, one has to be careful as there are both positive and negative aspects of everything.


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