Assam Government is gearing up to propose a Cow Protection Bill during the forthcoming Budget session of the Assembly. The Bill is primarily aimed at stopping the movement of cattle from other parts of the country into Assam and vice-versa.

Regarding this, Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma stated that if the new Bill hampers the supply of cattle, the matter will be taken up with the Assam government as well as the centre.

It is to be mentioned that beef is popular in Meghalaya and receives its cattle supply from different states through Assam. In fact, all supplies to the Northeast from other states pass through Assam.

However, Sangma didn’t comment further on the Bill by saying, “We have to examine the law after Assam passes and implements it. We have to see the terms and conditions and how they plan to implement it. It would not be correct for me to comment more without seeing the content of the Bill”.


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