After the newly elected Biden government decided to call back all the US troops stationed in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is now starting to face the consequences of the sudden absence of US support as the last of the US troops will move back by September 2021.

Even though a mutual ceasefire has decided the calling off the US troops between the Taliban and the US, the Taliban is slowly creeping up in the country’s governance by starting to impose new rules and regulations.

In newly captured districts in Afghanistan’s northeastern province of Takhar, the Taliban has now imposed new rules on women not to leave home alone and men to grow their beards, among others. Taliban has also set dowry regulations for women and insisted on trials without evidence.

Before the US invasion, the Taliban kept women under the harshest rules by barring girls from school and women from working outside their homes and prohibiting them from being in public without a male relative.

With the Taliban now seeking to gain supreme control over the country again by intensifying its offensive against civilians, government defense, and security forces and taking control of several districts across the country, its future now seems darker than ever before.


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