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Bizarre! Woman goes to airport wearing bikini; video goes viral

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We all have been crushing over Bollywood and even Hollywood celebrities airport unique style or fashion every now and then.  These personalities who have a unique style and their wardrobe choices reflect that explicitly.

But what if someone starts wearing a bikini through Airport? Yes, you heard it right; a woman passenger came to board her flight in the Miami Airport of United States wearing a bikini and a face mask! The woman with blonde hair can be seen wearing a green bikini (a revealing swimsuit). She also had a backpack and a bag in her hand. 

Watch the video here:

Video goes viral

The video of the woman was shared by Humans of Spirit Airlines on social media and showed the woman walking inside the airport in a bikini. And now the video has gone viral on social media. This post was last modified on 5 September 2021 10:49 am and it has been viewed over 50,000 times till now. Humans of Spirit Airlines is an Instagram account that pokes fun at passengers on the oft-lampooned airline which is also referred to as an “ultra-low-cost carrier.”

“At Least she’s wearing a mask”- Humans of Spirit Airlines

The video shared with the caption “When you have a pool party at noon and sprit airlines flight to catch at 4 pm”.

But at the same time, the account owner also mentioned in the post – “At least she’s wearing a mask.”

No matter how the other passengers were looking at it, the woman was seen to be carefree and went for boarding as if everything was perfectly fine. 

What does the Airlines representative have to say?

The video could have been taken at any time or any place and it has no identifying characteristic of any airline. I checked, and we have no record of this on file,” said the representative of Airline. 

“A guest shall not be permitted to board the aircraft or may be required to leave an aircraft if that guest … is barefoot or inadequately clothed, or whose clothing is lewd, obscene, or offensive in nature,” reads Spirit Airlines’ Contract of Carriage, published this summer.

In August the US Transportation Security announced that passengers who break mask mandates can be fined from $250 to $1500.

How did the Neitizens react?

On social media one user wrote, “If she made it on the plane like that she’ll be hating life because planes get a lot cooler than airports do.” Another added, “She ain’t get on that plane at all. And I’m very sure security caught up with her.”

Social media has made some funny responses to her dressing sense saying that the woman must have had a pool party at noon and rushed to catch a flight. Some said she was following the COVID-19 guidelines by wearing the face mask.Another viewer wrote, “If more spirit pax looked like this I’d fly on them more.”

Another one said “Security should [be a] breeze,”  talking about another incident of a woman who donned a black bikini to help expedite the screening process  at Los Angeles International Airport.

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