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Woman gives birth to child who ‘looks older than her’ in South Africa; picture surfaces

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A woman in South Africa has given birth to a girl who ‘looks older than her’, which went viral after this. In the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the 20-year-old mentally challenged mother gave birth to this newborn girl at home.

The rare condition


She was born with a very rare medical condition, which makes her look like an old woman. Reportedly, the newborn baby girl is suffering from progeria (also called Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome).

A progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly,  is an extremely rare condition, according to medical professionals.

How was she born?

In June, The baby was born in a village outside Libode, Eastern Cape, and resulted in a stir in the area. 

However, the woman gave birth to the baby at their Ngavungavu Village home, with the help from her mother.

The 55-year-old grandmother immediately noticed the child was different. She observed that she resembled an elderly woman and the baby’s skin had wrinkles on her face.

Under observation

Both the mother and newborn baby were taken to the hospital for observation, informed by grandmother.  The “retained products of conception” were eliminated by the doctors at the hospital. 

A doctor explained the present condition of the baby is due to the mother’s complications, reported by News24.

Her birth only became known in the previous week even though the baby was born in June this came into notice after her pictures were circulated on social media. 

However, various pictures of the baby that went have been uploaded on social media. The family of the newborn is devastated as people are taking swipes at the family and making fun of the child’s appearance, according to the report.

Siphokazi Mani-Lusithi, now a member of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, has requested the general public to extend their help to the family and support the newborn with progeria and not to ridicule the newborn.

In the newborn’s home many senior officials from the social development department visited to know the condition of the family and to provide aid to them.

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