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Woman creates PowerPoint presentation to inform parents about her secret; watch to know

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When one wishes to elaborate on a topic, PowerPoint presentations come in handy. A woman from Portland recently put up a unique presentation to reveal her stripper status to her parents.

The video was first released on TikTok by the woman’s sister, and it has over 2 million views and soon enough gained traction on other social media platforms.

In the video, the woman informs her parents that she is about to divulge a major secret and assures them that she is not in danger before beginning her presentation. Her parents crack a wry grin as she progresses through the several slides that build to the ultimate revelation.

Things written in the PPT

“I’m a stripper,” she said on one of her slides. I pole dance at a strip club, for example.

“I’m a stripper,” she said on one of her slides. As in, I love pole dancing at a strip club!” She even added a slide with frequently asked questions (FAQs) explaining why she took this job, how she stays safe, and how she pays her taxes.

Both parents applauded their daughter at the end of the presentation, and the mother even gave her a high-five

Lex skimmed through her presentation while her mother and father sat and watched

She began her passionate address by saying, “Today I reveal to you a secret.”

“Any estimates you make will be incorrect. I’m telling you because I want the people I care about and trust the most to be aware of what’s going on in my life and to be able to share it with you.”

Lex presented a number of slides on which she works to end the stigma associated with working in a jiggle joint before spilling the details.

“What this secret does mean: I’m talented, I’m cool, I’m powerful,” she said. “What this secret does not mean: I’m pregnant or in danger.”

She then dropped the bomb: “I’m a stripper! As in I pole dance at a strip club and I love it!”

Lex was already one step ahead of her parents, so she added a “FAQ” section in her PowerPoint presentation, where she highlighted the various concerns that could emerge in her employment. “First, you might be thinking, “Why?”,” Lex explained. What is the point of this? It’s a sex-positive environment, so I’m free to express myself. It’s a show… theatrics, if you will.”

“How am I staying safe?” was one of the “FAQs.” “Well, you see, there’s complete anonymity in this club environment,” she replied. In Portland, the strip club culture is highly sex-positive and quite safe.” “It’s not like drugs or unethical business methods are commonplace,” she continued.

Lex also convinced her family that she isn’t involved in any other sex projects. When she’s in the club, she “does nothing except dance and talk to people.” Another inquiry concerned money, namely if she pays her taxes and whether she has any “under-the-table income.” “No, I pay my taxes!” Lex exclaims.

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