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World’s Cheapest AC Ride: 7 Things about Indian Railway’s New 3-tier economy coaches

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Railway Factory (RCF) Kapurthala Launched Deploying a 3-tier AC passenger train in economy class will give passengers the luxury of flight without running out of pocket. The coaches come with a reading light, a personal air vent, and a USB charging port. 

This coach’s prototype, billed as the cheapest AC travel in the world, is based on the German LHB (LinkeHofmannBusch) platform and has 83 berths, 11 more than the typical AC 3-tier coach . The space for 11 additional berths was created using hanging frames.

Here’s what you need to know about these new coaches:


Modular berth, more space: Redesigned coach with modular design for seats and berths, folding snack table in vertical and horizontal bays. It is also equipped with a non-injurious space, a water bottle holder, a cell phone and a magazine holder. For passenger comfort, AC ducts have been redesigned and separate air vents are provided for each berth. In addition to the charging socket, the new trainers are equipped with personal reading lights and portable charging stations, each with units. 

More Space: The middle and top bunks have more headroom as well as a ladder designed to access the respective bunk beds. These trains also have a public address and a passenger information system. 

Airplane-like features: According to railway officials, the train’s interior features luminescent walkway markers, illuminated floor lamps integrated into night lights with luminescent floor numbers. 

PostCovid Hygiene: Coaches provide doorless faucets and soap dispensers in restrooms, door handles with arms to help passengers avoid touching common areas. 

For people with reduced mobility: Coaches have wide doors for easy access to wheelchair terminals and there are also restrooms in each vehicle for people with reduced mobility. 

Need for speed: railway lines modernize the golden quadrangle and its diagonals to reach speeds of up to 160 km/h. 

Pocket friendly: fares will be between the current AC triple-bed offer and non-AC class. 

Indian Railways introduces cheaper AC travel with some flight characteristics:

The North Central Railway (NCR) Area of ​​Indian Railways will operate its first economy class 3-decker AC wagon on train #02403/02404 PrayagrajJaipurPrayagraj (Daily) Special Express from September 6. 

Price of this coach from Prayagraj to Jaipur is only Rs 1,085/ while the fare of Conventional III AC coach is Rs 1,175/. Similarly, the fare from Prayagraj to Agra is Rs 740/ (fare for Conventional III AC coach is Rs 800/) while the fare from Prayagraj to Mathura is Rs 835/ (fare for Conventional III AC coach is Rs 905/) Rs/). 

Features of 3-level AC economy class train:

These coaches have 83 seats instead of 72. Passengers will benefit from 11 additional stations on these vehicles. 

The coaches are specially designed for the comfort of the divyang. 

Of these, modern layouts have been designed for cell phones and magazine racks, fireproof. 

Custom reading lights, AC vents, USB points, portable charging points, better ladders for climbing to upper docks, and snack tables are some of the key features. 

These air-conditioned economy class coaches are capable of traveling at an optimum speed of 160 km / h. 

Redesign AC piping to provide individual AC vents for each berth 

Provide innovative, modular design of ergonomic berths and ladders to access middle and upper berths etc. 

Each coach has a larger disabled door access to the toilet, which is a new initiative. 

A public address and passenger information system has also been installed as part of the passenger facilities on these trains. 

The interior of the coach has luminescent gangway markers, illuminated bunks integrated with night lights with luminescent bunk numbers. 

The price of an AC three-tier coach will be 8% lower than that of a regular AC tricycle. The railways will soon introduce these cars in all long-term passenger cars to ensure a comfortable journey for the passengers of Indian railways.

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