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Wow Fact: Apple does not ‘let bad guys use iPhones on screen’

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Film director Rian Johnson has lifted the lid on a secret in the world of product placement – Apple will not allow its kit to be used by a villainous character on screen.

“Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies, but – and this is very pivotal – if you’re ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera,” Johnson, whose credits include Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Looper and Knives Out, revealed in a video recorded for Vanity Fair.

Apple has long cultivated an immaculate brand image and strictly controls how its products are used on the big and small screen.

Guidelines advise that Apple phones, computers and other kit bearing the trademark should be seen “in the best light, in a manner or context that reflects favorably on the Apple products and on Apple Inc”, according to the site MacRumors.

Inputs: theguardian.com

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