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Wow Fact: Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr Bean was rumored to have a higher IQ than Albert Einstein

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Mr. Bean is a compilation of British comedy television program with Writing and Role Playing of Rowan Atkinson. This collection consists of 15 episodes, with 14 episodes broadcast by ITV channel.

The first episode was broadcast on television in June 1990, and the last episode which was broadcast on the television was best movie of Mr. bean, which went on antenna on December 15, 1995. until 2006 no films or movies of Mr. bean or Rowan Atkinson Not broadcast but Finally, on August 25, 2006, from Nickelodeon channel was broadcast.

Rowan Atkinson 180 degree different from others?

Everyone in the world now knows Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson who is an English comedy actor, he was absolutely 180 degrees from other people, with high intelligence, he could do a lot of scientific work, but did not do it and turned to the cinema and made people laugh.

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High IQ of Mr. Bean

He took his master’s degree from the University of Oxford, the world’s most high IQ which he had surprised the world, His intelligence rating was 178, while Einstein’s IQ was 160. the reason that why he goes to cinema was his interest in Comedy.

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10 Interesting point about Mr.Bean

  1. When he was studying at an undergraduate degree at Oxford University, he was asked to perform a theater, and when the mirror was embarrassed, the idea of this person comes to his mind.
  2. Rowan is very silent about his personal life. Perhaps this is because he has been suffering from stuttering for several years. He cannot correctly pronounce the letter B and the words that begin with this statement.
  3. Atkinson chose names like “Mr. White” and “Mr. Gol Kaleem” before choosing the name “Mr. bean” for their comic character.
  4. The Queen of England presented her knight’s badge in 2013.
  5. The Queen of England retired her in 2012 because she believed that her behavior was too childish for her personality.
  6. According to speech of his close friend of the Mr. bean, Stephen Fray, Rowan likes to go to the tennis court with small electric cars.
  7. The masterpiece was broadcast in 200 countries around the world, and almost all people in the world are familiar with their personality.
  8. Asked from Rowan Atkinson, what is his likeness to Mr. bean? he answered that “In the real world, my ears were shaking like him”.
  9. Her name was recorded in Observer magazine as one of the top 50 British comedians.
  10. He studied at two famous universities; he received electrical engineering at Newcastle and received his master’s degree from Oxford University.
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