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Wow Fact: Snails can sleep up to three years!

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Snails, they’ve always been boring, right? They’re slow, gooey, and seem completely lost, but what you don’t know, is that these small gastropods have insanely unique sleeping habits.

It’s weird to think that snails need to sleep, after all, they don’t look like they do much. Yet, a study at the University of Toronto proved people from all over the world wrong. It turns out, that snails sleep for fifteen hours (falling in and out of sleep seven times), and then, go on to do their activities for thirty hours straight.

Unlike a human’s twenty-four hour period of activity and sleep, a snail’s sleep and activity period is divided into forty-eight to seventy-two hours.

It’s important to mention that, a snail not only goes into hibernation, but it also goes into aestivation. Hibernation is a period in which an animal goes through prolonged dormancy to avoid having to forage for food or migrate to a warmer area. Aestivation, on the other hand, is a period of prolonged dormancy during hot and dry periods.

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