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Video of young boy sitting in boiling water goes viral, prompts netizens to call it hoax

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On Twitter, a horrifying video of a young young boy relaxing in a pot of boiling water has gone viral. The boy, aged 7-9, is seen calmly sitting with folded hands in a large container placed on the fire while surrounded by a group of people in an undated video. The boy, on the other hand, appears to be engrossed in his prayers and appears unaffected by the heat. The video was shared with the intention of portraying the boy as a powerful individual. “Bhakt Prahlad” is written on a banner behind him.

With over 2 million views, the video has gone viral, and people have been astonished by the superstitious stunt. Many individuals, however, were quick to point out that the stunt was a hoax and offered many scientific reasons. Many others also claimed that the trick had already been tried and tested by others, including magicians.

As a result of the viral video, there were a lot of comments

Watch the Video here:

“They are deceiving innocent people,” one user remarked. The kadhai is excessively deep and hollow on the interior, preventing the water from boiling, and an air pump is mounted in front of the youngster, so the bubble effect is limited to the front.”

Despite the fact that the water in the vessel is boiling, the youngster appears unaffected by the heat. “This is India in 2021,” twitter user @iSandeepBisht while sharing the viral clip.

Varun Grover, a comedian, poked fun at religion as well, writing, “Even religion employs science to make people believe in religion.”


Only the front of the water or fluid is boiling, not the back.

Boiling only a portion

That’s incredible.”

“What is this crap all about now? India has truly gone to the dogs.

Whoever generated this hysteria should be detained.”

Is this a hoax video? It’s a tricky route!

While the bystanders in the video appear surprised and pleased by the stunt, the internet quickly dismissed the video as a hoax. While one user noted that the illusion of boiling water was achieved by the use of a water pump, another stated that it was a popular magic trick with a simple scientific explanation.

“This is cheating of the highest way that there is no steam being produced or the petals not being disturbed in the pot,” wrote another.

While the exact date and location of the video are unknown, a longer version of the footage was uploaded to YouTube in 2019 with the description “Boy sitting in a bowl filled with boiling water with fire underneath it.”

Another Twitter user pointed out that the video had previously been published on YouTube in 2019 and has since resurfaced.

While it’s unclear when or when the video was recorded, a longer version of it was uploaded to YouTube in 2019 with the description “Boy sitting in a bowl filled with boiling water with fire underneath it.”

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