Pankaj Nihlani Sacked As CBFC Chief – A. D. Konwar

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Pankaj Nihlani Sacked As CBFC Chief – A. D. Konwar

Pahlaj Nihalani is sacked as the chief of Central Board of film certification on Friday. He will be replaced with renowned songwriter- poet Prasoon Joshi.

Nihalani, after his appointment in January 2015 , has always been in the public eye for his controversial decisions at the helm of the affairs. His most prominent shot to fame in the first part of his tenure was his slashing of the famous kissing scene from the famous 2016 James Bond movie ‘Spectre’. Thereafter, he backed up his act with banning and censoring ridiculous phrases from prominent films much to the disappointment and rue of the general mass.

In recent months with actions such as ordering a ban on actors from being shown drinking or smoking on screen citing that actors who are looked up to by millions should set an example for the society, and that a movie where alcohol is essential to the plot will be given an “Adult” certificate and that of refusing to certify Lipstick Under My Burkha for being too ‘lady-oriented’ apart from demanding censorship of words such as ‘cows’ and ‘Hindutva’ from the upcoming Amartya Sen’s documentary, the sacking of him from the elite position comes as no surprise.

More details are awaited as the nation looks to his successor for a better and rational functioning of the prestigious body.

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