Teach For India at Assam University

Teach For India at Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar
March 2, 2019
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Teach For India at Assam University

After NIT Silchar and CIT KokrajharTeach For India with its single minded determination conducted another orientation program at Assam University. Like before, this time also its main aim was to spread awareness about the current situation of the education sector of our country.

This challenge is a two-fold one, where both the parties are suffering. On one side, there are children that are not getting an excellent education and on the other side Teach For India is not getting enough candidates to join their Fellowship Program. So, with this in mind, this orientation was specifically conducted for the final year graduates. In this session, the Teach For India recruiter spoke about how the students joining the Fellowship Program would not only be able to help students waiting to learn, but it would also be about honing their leadership skills.

The session spoke highly about social entrepreneurship and how with the amalgamation of such aspirations, something beautiful and productive can be delivered as a whole for the advancement of the education system of our country. Teach For India is currently working across 7 cities in approximately 320 classrooms. Teach For India is creating a revolution by nurturing change makers in the form of teachers, who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Teach For India also talked about how students of various fields are required for a diversified set of education, and with that in mind, further delivered on how agricultural students with their knowledge in life sciences, can further help this cause with their analytical minds. Teach For India is hoping for a successful partnership with Assam University in the years to come in order to realise the change they are wholeheartedly working towards.

Teach For India is a non- profit organisation which works for providing an excellent education to children from low income schools. They provide a two year full-time paid Fellowship Program to graduates & working professionals who are interested in bringing about change and who want to do something to solve the problems plaguing the education sector.

Apply here: apply.teachforindia.org

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