Teach For India at Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar

Teach For India Fellows From The North East Become Leaders in the Education Space
February 27, 2019
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Teach For India at Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar

After NIT SilcharTeach For India‘s quest for a better tomorrow continues. This time they conducted an orientation program at Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar, where they conversed with final year students and made them aware of the perils of the present educational system. They spoke about social entrepreneurship and how most of the students are either inclined towards entrepreneurship or teaching. So, what will happen if we combine these two objectives with the sole objective of creating a better tomorrow and to fight for a better social environment in the education sector.

Teach For India is a non profit organization which is working on taking education to people and places, who don’t have the means to have it themselves. It has been working for this objective in the North Eastern region for quite sometime now, recruiting people for their Fellowship Program. With this in mind they are conducting orientation programs in some of the prominent institutions of this region,to spread awareness amongst the soon to be graduating students about this Fellowship opportunity and the problems plaguing the education sector of our country. Teach For India focused on how these students can do their bit by being the teachers of tomorrow whilst also honing their leadership skills in the two years of the program. The most important element of this fellowship is the fact that the experience gathered here will go a long way, beyond what they will be doing here and even much beyond these two years.

The students of CIT, Kokrajhar are naturally inclined towards entrepreneurship and hence Teach For India also focused on how they can realise these aspirations post completion of the Fellowship journey. Also, with the added elements of engineers being analytical and logical in mind while solving problems, this was a perfect fit. The most interesting thing about this session was the fact that the faculty members actually encouraged the students to apply for the Teach For India Fellowship Program.

Teach for India’s main objective is to provide education to the most unfortunate and underprivileged ones, so with this objective in mind they are hoping for more and more fresh graduates to join them. For they believe that only youth can bring the change they are working for.

To apply log on to: www.apply.teachforindia.org

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