Teach For India Fellows From The North East Become Leaders in the Education Space

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February 25, 2019
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Teach For India Fellows From The North East Become Leaders in the Education Space

India’s education crisis runs deep, and for the past ten years, Teach For India Fellows from all over the nation have emerged as leaders who have made a world of difference to the lives of students from low-income communities.

With a view to build a growing community of leaders that address education inequity, Teach For India’s two-year Fellowship program provides an opportunity to some of India’s brightest and most enterprising young minds to serve as full-time teachers in some of the most under-resourced schools in the city. Fellows from the North East have played a significant role in leading classrooms from different cities, with a total of 64 Fellows and 42 alumni serving as teachers in the full-time two-year Fellowship program, since the program’s inception in 2009.

Disha Kouli with her kids

Teaching in classrooms allows Fellows to develop a grassroots understanding of the challenges that exist in their students’ communities. During the Fellowship they acquire the knowledge, skills and mindsets needed to take on positions of leadership in the movement for education equity and to identify the role they can play within the education sector in the long-term. Fellows undergo a rigorous five-week training program focusing on leadership development prior to entering their classrooms. Throughout the two years, Fellows receive ongoing support from Program Managers who are assigned to help them track and achieve their growth, development and goals.

These numbers have been on the rise in the last three years, with registrations increasing by 605% and applications by 600%. A majority of Fellows from the North East have hailed from Assam, and some of the top universities Fellows have graduated from include Tezpur University, TISS Guwahati, Cotton University, Assam Engineering College, Gauhati University and Kaziranga University, among others.

Teach For India alumni from the North East continue to make their mark through various roles in the education sector, by becoming entrepreneurs or impacting the system by leading schools, or communities at large. Many alumni from the North East currently work as staff members in different cities across Teach For India, to support current Fellows with their journeys as Program Managers, and working directly in student leadership.

Nilav Pyne with his kids

About Teach for India: Teach For India is a non-profit organization that believes in an excellent education for all children and is striving to end this problem of educational inequity. To address this challenge, the organisation runs a highly selective two-year Fellowship program that provides an opportunity for India’s brightest minds to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in some of the nation’s most under-resourced schools.

To apply to the Fellowship, visit https://apply.teachforindia.org/ and fill out your application by March 24th 2019, 10 PM IST.
This article is contributed by Teach For India.

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