Teach For India at Gauhati University

Teach For India at Assam University
March 7, 2019
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Teach For India at Gauhati University

While the hunt for quality educators and promising youth from the North-East India still continues, Teach For India set out for yet another campaign. This time at Gauhati University, in pursuit of finding enthusiastic Fellows for their Fellowship Program. This marks their fourth campaign following NIT SilcharCIT Kokrajhar and Assam University.

With the Right to Education made obligatory, several thousands of children across India still fail to receive basic education. Moreover, the authorities at the helm of affairs are failing to generate employment or to increase number of institutions and seats thereof for post graduation courses which has become a setback for the fresh graduates.

Teach for India (TFI) has been working over the years to curb these issues by bringing together, both quality education and employment under one roof through their two-year fellowship program. TFI is currently spread across 7 cities in India with 38,000 children brought under their wing and 1,100 fellows providing education to them.

Catering education to thousands of students and over 326 colleges brought under its affiliation, Gauhati University is the oldest University in North-East India. TFI’s next target group, here at the University were the final year MBA and the Library Science students. MBA, being a terminal degree, students are naturally inclined towards jobs and placements. Realising they already have an inbuilt skill set of entrepreneurship, management analysis and strategic approaches, TFI conducted a pre-placement talk for the students here. A total of 50 students, both placed and unplaced, attended the session and expressed their enthusiasm for joining the Fellowship program as well as sharing the same amongst their peers. Post the engagement, the students went on to share how they had remained unaware of such opportunities previously. Following this, TFI presented a similar orientation to a full house of library science students. The recruiter, Arnab Mondal explained how library science being a constantly evolving subject can help them on-ground. With management, information technology and education forming their backbone, students will have an upper-hand during their fellowship tenure. The students went a step ahead by registering to the program during the course of the session. The faculty members applauded TFI for initiating this movement and trying to revolutionise our country’s education system.

Teach For India is a non- profit organisation which works for providing an excellent education to the underprivileged children and students of economically backward areas of India. They provide a two year full-time paid Fellowship to graduates and working professionals, both willing and capable of bringing a change in the plaguing education sector.

Apply here: apply.teachforindia.org

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