The Great Northeastern Momo Festival 2018

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August 22, 2018
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The Great Northeastern Momo Festival 2018

‘Momo doesn’t ask questions, momo understands’. Celebration, get-together, festivity, heartbreaks, new beginnings; we have craved for a delicious plate of MOMO inevitably. Not just to fill our empty stomach, but as a state of mind. MOMO has always been there for us. So, here we are taking our love for MOMO to a whole new level; bringing together ambrosial MOMOs from different parts of the region and feast for 3 fascinating days.

The Great Northeastern MOMO Fest is a humble approach to pay the love – due to these cute dumplings who have been there for us when we needed to fight our hunger. The Great Northeastern Momo Festival believe this fest will help us understand MOMOs better and learn about its history and varieties. And as for the MOMOs they will do what they love the most – hang out with us and be part of our celebration.

The event this year is scheduled to take place from 31st August to 2nd September, 2018 in Veterinary Field, Khanapara. The audience size goes up a notch every year and this year an estimated 100k+ audience turnout is expected.

Its gonna be a mad weekend! COSPLAY @ The Great Northeastern Momo Fest 2018. The festival brings together all the momo lovers and provides a space to engage, interact and debate on prospective ideas.

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